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In June 2021, Centre for Suicide Prevention, along with our Champions, raised awareness for the issue of men’s suicide across Canada by posting on social media, bringing the message to groups and organizations, and having authentic conversations.

We hope you’ll join us for Buddy Up month in June 2022!

Buddy up all year round

Buddying Up doesn’t need to stop just because campaign month is over. The Buddy Up campaign can be used all year round to promote suicide prevention. We will be reaching out throughout the year to give updates about Buddy Up activities and even new persona and resource releases.

Send us an email if you’re interested in keeping the momentum going and expanding Buddy Up in your community and would like to collaborate!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to all of the funders of the Buddy Up campaign and to lead funder Viewpoint Foundation.

2021 Campaign Winners

Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. are the winners of this year’s Buddy Up trophy! Learn more about how Volker Stevin is promoting Buddy Up and suicide prevention throughout their company by checking out this video. Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society was the group winner of the Buddy Up Challenge and individual participants won prizes as well.


Pictured: Mike Principalli, Volker Stevin, with Akash Asif, Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Pictured: Buddy Up Challenge winners Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society won a free safeTALK: suicide alertness for everyone workshop

Campaign highlights

  • 433 Champions (300% increase from 2020 with ~100 Champions!)
  • 31,700+ Campaign materials distributed (3x more than in 2020!)
  • 10,566 engagements on social


2021 Advisory Committee members

This campaign continues to be informed by an advisory committee and vetted by all-male focus groups.

Thank you to our focus group and advisory committee members for informing our campaign this year and supporting men’s suicide prevention!

Daniel Clarke, Brady Edwards, Andrea Gordon, John Gulak, James Jensen, Tim Loblaw, Michael McGovern, Michael Mee, Stacey Meyer, Lori Millington, Brad Napper, Christina Owczarek, Mike Principalli, Andrea Stempien, and Andrew Sullivan.

Buddy Up 2021 Champions

Here are some organizations who were Buddy Up 2021 Champions.

Become a Champion

Champions support their friends, stay informed, have fun and help spread the word. And during our yearly campaign, participating groups can win a prize!