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June 2021 was Buddy Up month

Centre for Suicide Prevention, along with all our Champions, raised awareness for men’s suicide and how it can be prevented.

How to be a Champion

The role of a Buddy Up Champion is to support a buddy who may be struggling, to learn about men’s suicide prevention and to encourage others to become involved.

We need you!

As a Champion, you’ll share information about how suicide in men can be prevented. This can be done in so many ways! Find out more about how you can spread the word when you sign up to become a Champion.

Step up and offer your
support to a buddy

Learn how to support a buddy who may be struggling by checking out our infographic guide on how to have the conversation.

Learn more about the issue of men and suicide

Men die by suicide 3 times more often than women. Read more about statistics, warning signs, why men are more at risk, and how suicide can be prevented with our resource toolkit.

Take it to your group and share with others

We need people to help spread the word. Bring this campaign to your workplace, sports team, club, or friend group. Read on to find out how to begin.

Make it Official

Sign up as a Buddy Up Champion, and we’ll provide you with tools that help you get the word out!

You’re in good company

Here are some organizations who have Championed Buddy Up. And the list keeps growing!